We started the company based on a philosophy that if we simply offer outstanding customer service and good old fashioned hard work, we would be just fine. Our company began with one warehouse offering mostly crossdocking and transload services as well as a small amount of warehouse storage. Then, we added a truck. That felt like a big step! Someone once said that your customers will guide the growth and direction of your company and if you allow it to happen, you will succeed.

Fast forward to today and you'll find the same work ethics and commitment to customer service. However, our footprint is much larger today. Our company has grown to 3 company warehouses, 1 partner facility, a modern fleet of trucks and 26 trailers.

We have the latest technology to run our fleet and warehouse operations. Each freight load is tracked using our state-of-the-art ELD platform offering real time GPS. Our warehouse operations utilize a proven warehouse management system (WMS) that offers a user-friendly customer portal for full client visibility.

We are proud to be the fastest growing and one of the top logistics companies in our region. We outperform the competition and offer the same outstanding customer service that we began with. It’s simple actually; if you provide the best service at a fair rate, customers will continue to reward you with more opportunities.

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